Liquid wallpaper


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Liquid wallpaper is decorative plaster produced of eco friendly materials, such as textile fibers, cellulose, wool and other. It fulfils international ecological standards and is absolutely the best choice for anyone who takes care of its own health and the health of the family.

This is a high-tech product and, when you put it on the wall, nobody could see the joints which makes it ideal for hiding uneven walls and simple and quick for application. This product does not stall due to changes in temperature or humidity, and also due to coloring and drying in three phases it is injected at a molecular level so it is UV-resistant, does not fade over time, and does not make dirty your hands, floors or furniture. It doesn’t absorb odors, and provides additional thermal and sound insulation.

One of the main advantages of liquid wallpapers is the possibility for a simple and quick partial correction. Minor damages that occur over the time (children’s drawings, claw of pets, etc.) can be easily repaired or replaced without any trace.

As far as our product is concerned, every painter, even the one who is not a professional, can post liquid wallpapers and ideal flat walls are not condition for success. If an error occurs, it is easy to fix it with a plastic trowel until the wallpaper is harden and it is possible replacing it years after that, just need to soak them with water.

Five reasons to buy Liquid Wallpaper:

  • Ideal walls with no visible joints, cracks and bubbles

  • Quick repair of minor damage

  • Unlimited potential for the development of creativity and spontaneous imagination

  • Your family’s health

  • The walls are always new and clean