Leveling System

Leveling system is completely new technology for sticking ceramic tiles which obtains an ideal flat surface and identical width of the groove, regardless of the surface on which the tile is placed . As the modern trend is producing larger tile formats, which are thus heavier and thicker, it takes more time, effort and skill to make it well done . With this new system can be stuck ceramic , granite or marble tiles on wall or floor. Time saving is also very important and apart flat surfaces and equal groove using this system professionals can save up to 20 % of the working time.


The system is very simple and consists of a clamps, edges and nippers. Clamp is placed below the two tiles and then the blue edge tighten with nippers specially designed to ensure that all edges should be tight. and surface perfectly flat. Edges can be used multiple times, and clamps are one time shot.

When the glue is tighten, after 10-12 hours, you can easily eliminate clamps with rubber hammer and proceed with grouting. As it is very easy system for installation, it is also very easy and simple for removal. Leveling system is ideal for beginners and enables them flat surfaces although they are not especially skilled for this job.

Leveling System in Bauhaus. PDF